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Over the years the fellowship at Dunfermline West Baptist has supported various missions and charities. This is just to give you an overview of what they do and how we contribute to their work. Hopefully it will be informative and encouraging. You can find more information on their websites but if we have up-to-date news this will be shared each month.

17 March 2021

Their website says ‘The desire to reach out to God is basic to many, many, people. Trypraying is a resource for people like that: no church connection or interest, but open to find out about God.’

All the tried and tested tools such as banners and booklets will continue to be used this year but times have changed and TryPraying have teamed up with ‘Hopefuelled’ to develop an online presence which would fire the imagination of the Christian community but also grab the attention of those who don’t do church but who interact with the digital culture.

‘The Trypraying booklet is a 7-day prayer guide and is now being used by many to pass on to friends and family with a few words of encouragement, ‘Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens in your life?’

We have used the booklets in the past and the Trypraying banner is visible on the church wall in Dewar Street. There have been meetings up and down the country recently as people are seeking to respond to how to get the message out to many people who have turned to prayer over this difficult time. A new initiative is planned for the Spring 2021 for churches to be involved called ‘Let’s do this together’.

Pray for the new partnership with ‘Hopefuelled’ that it will establish a meaningful presence on social media. In the absence of a national bus campaign this year, this collaboration is timely and exciting.

Pray for the leaders of the churches who are getting involved in TryPraying’s spring initiative.

Pray our own banner on the Dewar St church wall and the booklets may cause interest.

Scottish Bible Society
17 March 2021

Since 1809 they have sought, under God, to put the Bible into people’s hands and hearts. They work so that all people can have the Bible in a language they understand, a form they can access and at an affordable price, to aid genuine encounters with God.

They have produced a 2 weekly podcast about the Bible, Life and Friendship as part of the ‘Outspoken Bible’ programme. It can be found at

Our local community
17 March 2021

Anthony is preparing an Easter video for the assembly at Pittencrieff Primary School and a small goody bag will also be given to all the children.

Community garden is taking shape. Some local residents are asking ‘what is going on here’ as they pass. Pray for fruitful conversations.

17 March 2021

Helping local people in crisis.

‘The Trypraying booklet is a 7-day prayer guide and is now being used by many to pass on to friends and family with a few words of encouragement, ‘Why don’t you try praying for a week and see what happens in your life?’

We don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why Dunfermline Foodbank provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to us in crisis. They are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.

We have a collection point in our building and give monetary contributions during specific times of need.

The local foodbank is still continuing its vital ministry, albeit with shortened hours. In February their warehouse moved to a permanent home at Unit 1C, Pitreavie Court, Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline KY11 8un.

Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)
17 March 2021

‘BMS works among some of the most marginalised and least evangelised people, in some of the most fragile places on earth. They aim to bring life in all its fullness through 7 key ministries: church, development, education, health, justice, leadership and relief’.

In Uganda, where there has been devastating deforestation over the past 25 years, BMS is preparing to begin a new agroforestry project in two communities. A team is preparing the ground at two churches to set up demonstration sites and in March when the dry season finishes, trees will be planted and the work will begin.

In India, BMS mission worker, Ben Francis works with people in Odisha and West Bengal who live in villages only accessible by boat. With no transport running from the cities, there was no way to bring food in. It wasn’t Coronavirus that was killing people, it was starvation. For many people it seemed there was no hope but through BMS’s Coronavirus appeal they were able to help towards the distribution of over 28,000 food parcels and Ben and the team could bring life-saving food to families in desperate need. Ben is an amazingly enthusiastic evangelist who usually takes every opportunity to share the Gospel but he said this time he didn’t want to use this opportunity to preach. He felt God was just asking him to provide physical necessities like food and medicine. It wasn’t long, however, before he realised that the love of God was just what people wanted. God opened doors like never before and people who had never wanted to hear the Word of God were listening to Ben’s testimony and asking for prayer. A lot of new people have come to the Lord, and now have hope.’

As a Baptist Church, our fellowship has supported this work for many years. We have supported their Harvest Appeal, and Relief Fund, and some individuals within the fellowship give a gift on their birthday to the Birthday Scheme, others still use the ‘globe’ collecting boxes, several receive the excellent ‘Engage’ magazine, and we have two ‘link’ missionaries working in Peru. Some of their recent news follows:-

Daniel and Regiane Clark are now on Home Assignment in the U.K. As there were no direct flights between UK and Peru they decided to travel through Brazil and take the opportunity to visit Regiane’s family. With the new variant emerging in the UK, Brazil suspended flights arriving from the U.K. then with a new Brazilian variant, the U.K. banned all direct flights from South America. Eventually after Covid-19 tests, and international certificates, a new route was found through Paris After even more confusion about quarantine in hotels, and hours of sorting out what was to happen, eventually they arrived. Home Assignment will be different with church visits done virtually. They pray that their return to Peru in May may be ‘nice and boring’, although Peruvian borders are currently closed to Europe.

Laura-Lee Lovering is hoping to be in the U.K. for Home Assignment at the end of July. Before that she is preparing to ‘finish well’ at the Nauta Training Centre where she has been very happy and spend a week in Piura at the end of March in preparation for moving there on her return to Peru from the U.K. In Piura, a city on the Peruvian costal desert plain, she will be involved in implementing BMS’s Organisational Environmental Policy, but doing it from Peru. She would really value our prayers.

You can read the full letters from the Clarks and Laura-Lee on the notice board in the church hall.

Bethany Christian Trust
17 March 2021

A national charity whose mission is to relieve the suffering and meet the long term needs of homeless and vulnerable people in Scotland.

Bethany supports almost 7,000 people a year across Scotland, including, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bathgate, Dundee, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Fife.

It’s integrated approach consists of 3 core-streams of life-changing services: Homelessness Prevention, Crisis Intervention and Housing & Support.

Community Support and Development projects are tailored to local needs and work in partnership with churches to empower people to strengthen their communities to prevent homelessness.

The emergency ‘Welcome Centre’ in a Haymarket Hotel is being well-used. Please pray for safety for all using it and those working there. Bethany have exciting plans to expand their work in Aberdeen and Inverness and are exploring other locations. Those working on the vans have distributed 12,000 packs of food and toiletries in the Lothians area. In the light of the Covid restrictions, people are being asked to take part in The Big Sleep Out on March 19th in their own gardens, or in a shelter inside the house.

Platform 67
19 January 2021

Why the Name? ‘A platform is simply a stage from which to proclaim your message – loudly and clearly! Psalm 67 is one of the great missionary Psalms. It shapes our purpose to: make God’s ways known on earth, his salvation among all the nations’.

They aim to send as many resources as possible to cross-cultural work. They link with gospel ministries around the world that share a common burden for the unreached.

More Muslims are coming to faith in Christ than at any point in history, including refugees. Come, follow me is a widely-used discipleship course written specifically for new believers in Jesus from a Muslim background. It is now being made available as an app for tablets and mobiles. One partners writes ‘Migrants on the move carry little luggage with them, but their phones are their vital contact with the world, so having Come, Follow Me on their phones will help them. There are reports of believers in migrant camps being persecuted by Muslim occupants, even in Europe, so it is safer for them to have the course on their phone rather than a visible book’. One worker writes ‘this is a really helpful guide for directing conversation down routes I wouldn’t always have thought of when it comes to discipling people from a Muslim background. The course seems to have been of great benefit.’

We have an annual visit from Martin Dudgeon and ask the fellowship to contribute to their work at this time. We use their weekly prayer update at our Prayer and Bible Study group.

Hope Fuelled Design
19 January 2021

Hope Fuelled Design is a digital media mission initiative formed out of a team of creatives in Scotland.

The initiative was founded by our pastor Anthony who has a background working in the creative industry.

Hope Fuelled’s mission is ‘to communicate the gospel story into everyday lives in a relevant, innovative, varied and up to date way.

Our team was assembled out of the shared desire to bring Christ shaped hope into the world, by serving with our creative God-given gifts and fostering collaboration between local churches and groups.’

Missions that we regularly support include: Some one is coming Experience Easter

Embrace the Middle East
19 January 2021

This is a Christian Charity with over 160 years’ experience of helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from a life of poverty and injustice. They seek to partner with Middle East Christians as they bring healing and hope and see lives and communities transformed by the compassion of Christ.

When Covid-19 reached Lebanon, the country was already in a dire financial situation, with many facing food shortages, high rents and unemployment. Life for many of the Syrian refugees there was particularly tough, with Lebanon’s residency policy making it difficult for them to maintain legal status and find work. The pandemic just increased the difficulties.

After a brief pause, one of Embrace’s partners in Lebanon was able to keep their important sewing project running. The women in the project learnt valuable skills as well as earning an income. Some participants are widows, other have husbands who have lost their livelihood, or have sick children. They also produced thousands of washable and re-usable masks to help fight the spread of Covid-19 which were given out as part of hygiene kits, which were distributed freely through their network of churches and centres across Lebanon.

As a fellowship we have just sent £130 for the work in Lebanon which was the offering taken at our Carol Service.

It was good to hear through Tearfund that the Scottish Government had awarded £100,000 through their Humanitarian Emergency Fund to support the most vulnerable people following the devastating explosion in Lebanon last August.

Mary’s Meals
15 December 2020

It’s mission is to enable people to offer their money, goods, skills, time and prayer and through this to provide effective help to those suffering the effects of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest communities.

They link a midday meal and education for over 2 million children every day around the world.

Our government is doubling every gift they receive until the end of Jan. 21 and they have a Christmas initiative whereby people can give by ‘setting a place at the table’ for a child. Whilst we as a church have never given a gift to this charity, some individuals have supported it.

Gideons International
15 December 2020

Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and professional men and women dedicated to telling people about Jesus through associating together for service sharing personal testimony and providing Bibles and New Testaments.

While they are often recognized for their work in hotels, they also place and distribute Scriptures in strategic locations so they are available to those who want them, as well as to those who may not know they need them.

Because of a policy decision, the U.K. branch has had to change it’s name to ‘God news for everyone’ but is still doing the same work of distributing Scripture etc. There have been wonderful stories from those working in hospitals who have been able to read passages of Scripture, mainly from the Psalms to seriously ill people with Covid who have not been allowed visitors and also testimonies from non-covid patients facing serious illness who have used the ‘where to find help’ page and found comfort from a Gideon Bible.


We would like to thank all of you for your generosity in continuing to give to the church, and the charities it supports, during this time. We appreciate that these are uncertain times and are grateful that many of us are still able to contribute to the mission of the Church.

You can find further information on how to give to the church via bacs (preferred), cheque or cash at:

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