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Over the years the fellowship at Dunfermline West Baptist has supported various missions and charities. This is just to give you an overview of what they do and how we contribute to their work. Hopefully it will be informative and encouraging. You can find more information on their websites but if we have up-to-date news this will be shared each month.

23 November 2023

Many people around the world prayed during the 3rd round of UN global plastics treaty talks and there are already signs of God answering prayer, but despite these encouragements, certain countries have formed a new coalition with the aim of seeking to delay the process and prevent the first draft of the treaty from being accepted. Please pray that the next steps working towards an ambitious treaty that delivers real change for people living in poverty may be agreed.

Scottish Bible Society
23 November 2023

This year, the Bible Society of Lebanon is aiming to provide 4,500 refugees and underprivileged families with aid packages and Scriptures – addressing their physical needs for food, medicine and supplies as well as the spiritual need to encounter God’s love. Pray that each copy of the Scriptures will bring joy and encouragement to refugee families. Pray that many will not only take the Bible back to their homes, but also share the message with others.

Our local community
23 November 2023

Some of the church families have met weekly for a parents and pre-schoolers session. Please pray for guidance as to how this should be developed. Give thanks for two ‘litter-picks’ where classes from Pittencrieff Primary have joined us in the Glen. Pray for the school nativity service which will be held in the church. Pray the contact with parents and staff will be positive. Give thanks for a very good number of people who came to the Christmas Fayre resulting in some interesting conversations. Give thanks for a generous response to the fund for the imminent necessary work on church windows.

Embrace the Middle East
23 November 2023

Embrace partners with the Christian Al Ahil hospital in Gaza which was attacked earlier in November. Pray for staff at the hospital, patients and the injured and bereaved. Some of the small Christian community were killed when the church they were sheltering in was bombed. Embrace also has work in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, working mainly with children and young people with disabilities. Pray for them all at this desperate time.

Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)
23 November 2023

Pray for our link missionaries, the Clarks, as they finish Home Assignment and prepare for their next roles where they will be based in northern France. Language study will be their first challenge. Pray for BMS’ work in Israel and Palestine at this time of conflict and turmoil, especially the work of the Nazareth Evangelical College, the Bethlehem Bible College and the Shepherd Society in their humanitarian work in and around Bethlehem and with displaced people in Jordan.

Bethany Christian Trust
23 November 2023

Bethany asks prayer for the work of Bethany Christian Centre. Give thanks for the way the staff and volunteers have served people in need with their practical Christian love and for the many lives that have been turned around as a direct result of the Centre. Pray for renewed energy for staff and volunteers. For many of the people whom Bethany seeks to serve, the festive season can be a particularly difficult time. Please pray they may know God’s love expressed through God’s people this Christmas.

Platform 67
23 November 2023

China The current period of Chinese government oppression is a difficult time for the church and there are some indicators the persecution and harassment has led to stagnant church growth Pray for the Lord to raise up believers who are passionate for the Gospel. Remember the many believers and pastors who must try and discern the line to walk between obeying the government and taking a stand. Also, pray for Chinese students studying overseas. This year for example 91,000 visas for Chinese students were issued in the USA. May they encounter new friends with vibrant Christian faith.

21 October 2023

Below is a summary of what has been going on over the last 12 months. 600 orders from churches and individuals in the U.K> 4,900 trypraying booklets being used in UK including 2,000 in prisons 400 orders from churches/individuals in the USA, 2,300 booklets used there Of the 5.46m people who live in Scotland, trypraying adverts on buses reached over 3 million and trypraying banners appear in countless places U.K. wide. Devon churches worked together on 2 projects also using bus advertising. Trypraying is being developed in the Czech Republic; work is underway on revision of French translation leading to printing and publication and Trypraying resources are available in Australia and New Zealand. The team write ‘For all this we remain bewildered(!) yet extremely grateful to God.’

Mary’s Meals
21 October 2023

Over the past few years, Ethiopia has been torn apart by brutal civil war. Mary’s Meals helped support an organisation which was the first to distribute food in Tigray’s capital, Mekelle, to 30,000 internally displaced people after the conflict began. Until recently, schools in Tigray have been closed so they have been providing a community feeding programme. Thankfully, they have been able to resume serving basic school meals to around 10,000 children in 14 schools. As they say ‘we cannot solve the problems that children continue to face in the aftermath of bitter conflict, but by providing a daily meal ad the security that brings, we can remind these little ones that they have not been forgotten’.

Good News for Everyone
23 January 2023

The Autumn/Winter magazine of ‘Good News for Everyone’ is full of interesting and innovative stories of people sharing the Good News by making the Scriptures available for example, at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, large print copies to Care Homes, during the Commonwealth Games, in schools, shopping centres, and on missions to Chile, Serbia and Macedonia. Pray that people may read the literature they received and it will bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

Hope Fuelled Design
15 April 2022

Pray for the Creatives using their talents to produce Christian literature, for some of this which was taken at the Easter Fayre that it will be read and fruitful.

Missions that we regularly support include: Some one is coming Experience Easter

25 October 2021

Oi Lin took the gifts that were brought on Sunday to the Foodbank. With the end of furlough, the extra money for Universal Credit and increasing energy bills, this service will be critical for many families over the winter months.

We have a collection point in our building and give monetary contributions during specific times of need.

The local foodbank is still continuing its vital ministry, albeit with shortened hours. In February their warehouse moved to a permanent home at Unit 1C, Pitreavie Court, Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline KY11 8UN.


We would like to thank all of you for your generosity in continuing to give to the church, and the charities it supports, during this time. We appreciate that these are uncertain times and are grateful that many of us are still able to contribute to the mission of the Church.

You can find further information on how to give to the church via bacs (preferred), cheque or cash at:

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