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Over the years the fellowship at Dunfermline West Baptist has supported various missions and charities. This is just to give you an overview of what they do and how we contribute to their work. Hopefully it will be informative and encouraging. You can find more information on their websites but if we have up-to-date news this will be shared each month.

15 June 2022

There has been some very interesting feedback in response to the Trypraying campaign, as varied as a barista in Starbucks saying he’d seen the adverts everywhere and accepted a booklet to read; a family following a bus in Kilmarnock displaying an advert who then went home looked up the website, read the booklet and asked for more information; holiday-makers in Devon feeling surrounded by publicity and ordering material for their own church; a patient going for a check-up, seeing the clinician wearing a Celtic cross and noticing the trypraying booklet on the worktop and getting into conversation about its message.

In April advertising took place in Scotland. In years past many cities have had adverts but this was the year when it was across the whole of the nation – on buses out of every available depot, plus ticket barriers at stations and on trains. There were digital signs too. According to research, one of the signs on a major arterial route in Edinburgh attracts sightings of 950,000 people in a fortnight. Pray that the booklets we have given out to individuals, the publicity outside the church and in the community garden will be read and have an impact.

Scottish Bible Society
15 June 2022

Many Christians in Laos live in poverty and come from oppressed minority groups where owning a Bible is quite simply beyond their means. The Laos Bible Society works in partnership with local churches to identify these Christians. This involves travelling to the most remote regions in the country. Often a Scripture distribution programme is run alongside a literacy programme so that anyone learning to read will also have access to a Bible.

Since 1809 they have sought, under God, to put the Bible into people’s hands and hearts. They work so that all people can have the Bible in a language they understand, a form they can access and at an affordable price, to aid genuine encounters with God.

Platform 67
15 June 2022

Many projects have continued during Covid, but the border into North Korea has largely remained closed since early 2020. Platform 67 has longstanding partners who are ready and eager to return to pick up the connections and friendships they have established in North Korea over almost 30 years of ministry. Pray the doors will open again.

Pray for the neighbourhood Bible Clubs in India which are making a big difference to the lives of many children. The life of one such girl began to change for the better when she began attending. She got help with health and personal hygiene, even the basics of regularly washing, and she immediately put it all into practice and made sure her siblings followed as well. She also received extra tutoring to improve her studies. Her parents were thrilled with how she looked and how well she was dong at school, but less so with her stories of Jesus. Many children like her who are being introduced to Jesus at Bible Clubs, then return to homes hardened in their opposition to the gospel. Pray for entire families to come to faith.

Why the Name? ‘A platform is simply a stage from which to proclaim your message – loudly and clearly! Psalm 67 is one of the great missionary Psalms. It shapes our purpose to: make God’s ways known on earth, his salvation among all the nations’.

They aim to send as many resources as possible to cross-cultural work. They link with gospel ministries around the world that share a common burden for the unreached.

Our local community
15 June 2022

Pray for our monthly litter pick-up and prayer walk, the ‘Healing the Wounds of Trauma’ sessions, training for the proposed Job-Club, building relationships at the Trek and Natter walks, and the Leavers’ assembly from Pittencrieff School which will take place in the church this year on Wednesday 29th.

We give thanks for the ministry of Fin and Beth over the past few years and ask prayer for them as they move to their new jobs with S.U. down in Ayrshire.

There seem to be different visitors who attend our services coming nearly every week. Pray for relationships to be built up and for us to be a welcoming community.

Embrace the Middle East
15 June 2022

Samir fled his home in Darfur, Sudan, where a brutal conflict has been raging since 2003. He lost his childhood to war, and then his family – whom he saw killed in front of him. Samir managed to escape and get himself to Egypt, but with no family, no home, and his education unfinished, he had little hope for the future.

Through Embrace’s partner, Refuge Egypt, people like Samir are being helped. Donations provide food, shelter, and clothing for those left with nothing; psychological counselling for those struggling to over their trauma; and training and employment to help them rebuild their lives. Refuge Egypt was able to give Samir the shelter and help he needed. He is now safe, living in a shared home and with financial support so that he can restart his studies. But every day more refugees arrive in Egypt. There are currently over 273,000 registered refugees in the country and the real number is far higher. Pray for this vital work.

This is a Christian Charity with over 160 years’ experience of helping people of all faiths and none to free themselves from a life of poverty and injustice. They seek to partner with Middle East Christians as they bring healing and hope and see lives and communities transformed by the compassion of Christ.

Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)
15 June 2022

Continue to pray for Laua-Lee Laura has had a very busy time recently. She was on a trip with as Peruvian mission worker accompanying her for the second time in her ministry with the Awajun indigenous people of the Upper Cenepa – a mountainous jungle region on the border with Ecuador.

The trip again combined sewing workshops and an environmental activity, this time focussing on kitchen gardens and improved nutrition, cocoa tree maintenance and home-made chocolate. Over 2 weeks working through 3 village churches, they helped construct 2 kitchen gardens, facilitated 2 cocoa tree maintenance workshops, taught on good nutrition and basic hygiene in 3 villages and ladies made hand-made children’s clothes Laura continues to roll out what she calls an Environmental Church Mobilisation course and Peniel Church decided to address the problem of rubbish dumping in a large storm drain near where they meet. They are in talks with the Local Authority planning an awareness and evangelism activity, enlisting the help of the parent church youth group and drama ministry. The course is aiming at the Biblical foundation for creation stewardship and empowering the small churches to reach out into their communities to show God’s love in practical ways. Laura will be the main speaker at the Piura Youth Baptist Association this month speaking on The Christian and Creation and then will be in the U.K. for a short BMS conference. Full letter on church notice board.

Continue to pray for work of partners in Ukraine and the churches in Poland giving support to those who have fled.

Bethany Christian Trust
15 June 2022

This month Bethany wants to give thanks for each volunteer who helps with the work. They give time was is precious and impacts in its own way. There are countless stories of compassion, new connections and life-changing growth, both for the volunteers themselves and for the individuals they come alongside.

They pray for more volunteers where there are gaps and that the experience of volunteering may be a positive and fruitful one for everyone involved. There are staff ‘away days’ this month where staff can be refrehed, encouraged and support one another.

15 May 2022

Tearfund reminds of the effect climate change is having in Jos in the Plateau State of Nigeria. 20 years ago, Jos could get as cold as 2 degrees during autumn and winter and during the dry season only as hot as 27 degrees. But now the temperature can get as high as 42 degrees which means an increase in pests and diseases. Rain has become unpredictable, disrupting farming cycles and reducing the chances of a bountiful harvest. The result is increasing poverty rates.

In southern parts of the country, the increase in sea levels is displacing coastal communities and causing them to lose their indigenous lands and entire communities have been flooded due to severe rainfall. In the north, temperatures can reach 48 degrees with people facing droughts and rapid desert encroachment. We can help by signing Tearfund’s petition to call on the UK government to influence wealthier nations to deliver the 100 billion dollars per year that was promised to help vulnerable communities respond to climate change. See Tearfund Campaigns.

Tearfund is a Christian charity that partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. We tackle poverty through sustainable development, responding to disasters, and challenging injustice. We believe an end to extreme poverty is possible.

Hope Fuelled Design
15 April 2022

Pray for the Creatives using their talents to produce Christian literature, for some of this which was taken at the Easter Fayre that it will be read and fruitful.

Missions that we regularly support include: Some one is coming Experience Easter

Mary’s Meals
20 February 2022

Mary’s Meals are already feeding around 70,000 children in South Sudan every school day but they are seeking to serve nutritious meals in more schools where 2.2 million children are out of education – the highest rate in the world.

Education across the country has been drastically hindered by years of violence and upheaval, resulting in deep poverty and internal displacement. Life for families is a real struggle, with survival often taking priority over children attending school.

Mary’s Meals mission is to enable people to offer their money, goods, skills, time and prayer and through this to provide effective help to those suffering the effects of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest communities.

They link a midday meal and education for over 2 million children every day around the world.

25 October 2021

Oi Lin took the gifts that were brought on Sunday to the Foodbank. With the end of furlough, the extra money for Universal Credit and increasing energy bills, this service will be critical for many families over the winter months.

We have a collection point in our building and give monetary contributions during specific times of need.

The local foodbank is still continuing its vital ministry, albeit with shortened hours. In February their warehouse moved to a permanent home at Unit 1C, Pitreavie Court, Pitreavie Business Park, Dunfermline KY11 8UN.

Good News for Everyone
20 August 2021

Good News for Everyone produces ‘Key Worker Testaments’ and just recently one worker who had just received a whole box of them was aware that the binmen were working in his street so he took the opportunity to thank these Key Workers who had worked so tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

He thanked them and told them they were appreciated and gave a New Testament to one of the men. His colleague came across the street and asked for one too and the driver gladly accepted the 6 remaining copies and said he would put them in the office. The following week, the recycling guys were also happy to receive copies. Something to think about.

Gideons International is an Association of Christian business and professional men and women dedicated to telling people about Jesus through associating together for service sharing personal testimony and providing Bibles and New Testaments.

While they are often recognized for their work in hotels, they also place and distribute Scriptures in strategic locations so they are available to those who want them, as well as to those who may not know they need them.

Because of a policy decision, the U.K. branch has had to change it’s name to ‘God news for everyone’ but is still doing the same work of distributing Scripture etc. There have been wonderful stories from those working in hospitals who have been able to read passages of Scripture, mainly from the Psalms to seriously ill people with Covid who have not been allowed visitors and also testimonies from non-covid patients facing serious illness who have used the ‘where to find help’ page and found comfort from a Gideon Bible.


We would like to thank all of you for your generosity in continuing to give to the church, and the charities it supports, during this time. We appreciate that these are uncertain times and are grateful that many of us are still able to contribute to the mission of the Church.

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